Our School Vision for Learning and Teaching

In the Autumn Term 2019, our staff began work on developing our whole school Vision for Learning and Teaching.  Through discussion as a team, considering our core values and purposes, we began by creating our Mission Statement: Care, Prepare, Succeed

Our Vision for Learning and Teaching is unique to our school and our context.  Our Vision for Learning and Teaching is to develop a curriculum that is …

  • Contextually relevant and authentic to our learners
  • Widens and deepens skills and knowledge
  • Motivates our learners
  • Nurtures a desire for learning
  • Engages all learners through enriching experiences
  • Driven by all, and
  • Develops the Four Purposes: Ambitious Capable Learners; Ethical Informed Citizens; Healthy                                                             Confident Individuals;  Enterprising Creative Contributors

… in order to nurture Learners who have Aspiration and Motivation to do their Best to Succeed